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This form will take 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Please be as detailed as possible about your answers, as they are what guide us in envisioning a Website design that will best represent you, your company, interests, or organization. If you feel a question does not apply to your situation, please put in 'N/A' in that particular area.

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**The next few questions will help us understand the functionality of your site**

1. I want this site because:
I need to build brand awarenessI need to offer a contact point for my clientsI need my company to have a better image onlineI need to sell my product/service through my siteI need somewhere to promote my latest product/service

2. My site will be built to target:
Kids & teens20's-30'sSenior Citizens

3. My clients come to me because:
I offer excellent service.I have the best products on the market.I have the best prices on the market.

4. Do you want to expand your target audience in a certain direction?

5. Someone's searching the web for your business. What words or phrases will they search for in Google?

6. What makes your product or service unique on the market?

**Website Requirements**

1. Our new website would need to include:
Registration formVideo streamingSearch panelNewsletter/Email sign up formsInformation/Request formsUploads/DownloadsRegistrationOnline payment gatewayImage gallery

**Help us out here - Who will provide the following resources**

1. Stock photographyUsYou
2. Copywriting text UsYou
3. Professional logo

**Moving on to the pretty stuff: Design**

1. Does your company have a logo/established image & branding guidelines (e.g. fonts, color schemes etc.?) YesNo

2. Do you have print materials (such as business cards or brochures) that we need to match? YesNo

**What will happen once we deliver the site?**

1. Would you like us to update your site or would you like to be responsible for updates? YesNo

If yes, how often do you require updates?

2. Would you like to book a dedicated training session for your employees to learn to update the site? YesNo

3. Is there anything else you'd like to tell us?

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